let's you gift your best.

Mamour is a gift bag service where you can not only personalize totes for your special event, but, we fill them too! AND for a fraction of what you would pay at retail.

surprise is part of the fun.

Based on your tote package you will receive a number of products from our brand partners. You don’t get to choose what’s in each tote, but we promise they are GREAT!!

Each Tote is hand-curated by the Mamour team, ensuring that everything in your totes will be a fabulous mix of products!

gift smarter.

Mamour works with some of the coolest emerging brands who want to show the world who they are! We do the heavy lifting to procure these products so we can distribute them in all your totes AND we do this all at no extra cost to you!

At Mamour, the surprise is part of the fun, but maybe there’s something you just have to have. Epic bachelorette party? Get a popin' face mask for all your babes! Desert destination? Add sunscreen! Wherever, whatever, we’ve got you covered!

Shop our Add Ons to customize your totes even further.

it's totes easy.

pick your type party!

choose from a customizable design, ready-to-go options or a gift

customize or just tell us how many you need

let us work our magic to print and fill your totes

open your door for your totes and pat yourself on the back

party on!

so why'd we do it?

As Plato so elegantly put, "Necessity is the mother of invention".

Mamour was born when Victoria (our founder) got married in late 2019. She wanted her guests to enjoy her magical day, probably more than she did, so a welcome tote for her guests was a must. Except after the venue, florist, mariachi band, taco truck and 85,000 other vendors had been paid, she wasn't keen on spending another $2000 on 50 welcome wedding totes. So, being the thrifty lady she was, she asked all her friends in her industry if the brands they worked for would be able to donate product to her wedding. The response she got was overwhelming and the donations poured in, the brands saw this as a great sampling opportunity, and wished there was a platform to get involved in more weddings and events. This sparked an idea! Why couldn't she do this for others who were also planning events?

Goodie bags are an age old tradition that either make an amazing first, or leave a lasting impression. It's an undeniable feel good moment for all and just because the party is over, the magic does not have to be.

Victoria wanted to create a company that allows a seamless experience for all those who are planning any type of event, and be a platform for new an emerging brands to showcase their products to the world. So Mamour was born!

Party planning is already stressful, so Mamour sets out to be a hassle-free, easy to use, service that works for just about any occasion and it's fun!

All Mamour gift bags are full of goodies supplied by our brand partners. You don't get to choose whats in each tote and Mamour does that on purpose. The surprise content is part of the fun!

Made to be a simple, all-inclusive experience, Mamour is your go to when planning an event.

While you're thinking of others we're thinking of you!