We work with brand partners looking for sampling opportunities to acquire product. Because we receive these products from our partners we offer these products  at no additional cost to you. You get a bunch of great stuff for hangovers and to munch on, so why not take 'em?

Yes! Filter to the “Custom Design” option and let us know which design you would like to personalize and we can make you whatever you like!

Choose from any of our designer totes and make them exactly what you want, like adding your names and wedding date, or city Customizations included are color and copy changes. If you would like to customize any other details of the design, send us a message and we will work with you to meet your needs.

Due to minimums with our printer partners we do not offer the ability to purchase customized single totes. In the near future we will be offering the ability to purchase a single non-customized tote that you can use for yourself or send to a friend.


Based on your package choice you will receive a number of surprise goodies - that’s part of the fun! 

Each Tote, hand-curated by the Mamour team includes a mix of fabulous products supplied by our brand partners. They will be a mix of:

Sweet Snacks
Savory Snacks

We will post news via our social media channels revealing new brands we’re working with. Additionally, all customers have the ability to Customize items in their totes by visiting our Add-Ons page. If you can’t find what you need send us a note and we can work on acquiring the products for you.

Add-Ons are the option to choose more items for your totes! Once you select and customize your designs you can visit our Add-Ons Section and add additional items to your totes


If you have an active promo code that was valid at the time you purchased your box, please contact Customer Care with the valid code within 48 hours of placing your order.

Offers cannot be combined or stacked. Only one promo can be applied to an account per user.


All our customized options need to be designed and sent to the printer which takes a bit of time. Usually shipping will be less than two weeks, but sometimes orders get backed up. You will receive a confirmation when your order goes out!

Currently we do not offer shipping outside of the continental US.

Certain Add On items are shipped out directly by the supplier. You will receive an email notification detailing which item will be arriving separately.

Need something extra special?

Do you need to be accommodated for food allergies, have questions about pricing, special requests, or want to know more? Send us a message and we will do our best to meet your needs.